About Us

29th Street Community Center, Inc.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to provide welcoming, safe, and accessible spaces and programs that amplify the voices and talents of our diverse community.


Our Vision

Supporting Individuals and Empowering Communities.


Our History

What we know today as the 29th Street Community Center began almost five decades ago when Baltimore City built the Barclay Recreation Center as an annex to the Barclay Elementary/Middle School in the Harwood neighborhood. Unfortunately, in 2011, Baltimore City was forced to close many of the city-funded recreation centers and the Barclay Recreation Center had to close its doors. Over the next two years, with the support and efforts of local residents and the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, the building was reclaimed and re-imagined as the 29th Street Community Center. Bringing together community members and residents from across Baltimore City, the Center is dedicated to nurturing youth, celebrating diversity, and developing and sustaining relationships. In 2021, the 29th Street Community Center became its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our dedicated staff, Board of Directors and community advisors continue to bring a rich array of impactful, engaging and entertaining programs, events and services for people of all ages and backgrounds.